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The Thermostatic Radiator Valve

All new build properties in the UK now must fit these types of valves on the radiators of their central heating systems as they are a great way of controlling the heat that is produced in each room. This results in good energy management and savings. With the old valves, some rooms got too hot or cold unless constant adjustment of the manual radiator valves took place. Finchley Boiler Repair can fit thermostatic valves. The process for the fitting of these TRVs will be a one for one swap, removing the manual radiator valve. However, before attempting to change, you need to make sure that the valve will fit correctly.Fitting:You will need to drain the heating system, unscrew and remove the old valve from the radiator. Before you remove it completely, loosen off the nut that holds the valve to the pipe. Unscrew both nuts fully and lift the valve together with its cap nut and olive from the end of the pipe. There is no need to remove the radiator to carry out this job. Use wire wool to clean up the end of the pipe and put the cap nut and olive on the new valve. Finchley Boiler Repairs tradesmen can replace this type of valve. Hold the valve in place and then screw the cap nut onto the valve, making sure that the olive is sat correctly. Do not tighten the cap nut fully yet. Fit the radiator with the new connector if necessary, wrap some turns of PTFE tape around the threads, make sure that the valve is square and start turn the cap nuts fully. On completion:When you are happy that the valve is fitted ok, and all connections are tight and secure, re-fill the system. Once the filled, you will need to set the TRVs in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.