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Safe Plumbing

Dust Mask Protector:If you need spend an extended length of time in a loft or confined space you definitely need a dust mask to give you protection from inhaling dust etc. Fortunately for most plumbing work, a cheap white paper mask is ok but if you are going to spend lots of time in a dusty environment it is recommended to go for the type of mask that has a filter cartridge in them, which is available in a rechargeable form. When a professional plumber is employed like one from Finchley Boiler Repair they will wear masks if needed. If you suspect that there is any asbestos in your home consult an expert and do not attempt to do it yourself with a scarf around your face! Note: These types of general masks should not be used as a respiratory protective device and are not recommended for protection against fine particles, gases, vapours or paint sprays. They are normally only used to give some relief from exposure to coarse, non-toxic particles. Boots:If you do enough DIY plumbing you will, sooner or later drop something quite substantial on your foot! This is painful and can stop you from working, investing in a pair of steel toe capped boots is a good move. There is a massive range and you should be able to find a pair to suit your feet and your pocket. A tradesman of Finchley Boiler Repairs will always wear safety boots.Knee Pads:Two most common plumbing injuries caused are to the knee and also the elbows. The first comes from kneeling down on the floor for hours at a time without cushioning to help. Knee pads worn outside have the advantage of fitting over any trousers. On the down side they can irritate the back of your knees. On the up side they cheap to buy and are available at most DIY stores.