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Monthly Archives: May 2014

The Thermostatic Radiator Valve

All new build properties in the UK now must fit these types of valves on the radiators of their central heating systems as they are a great way of controlling the heat that is produced in each room. This results in good energy management and savings. With the old valves, some rooms got too hot […]

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Softener Units for Domestic Water

To Connect:Work from under the sink. Use a one-way valve with the flow heading into the house with a small drain-cock, for the feed and a service valve to divert the water flow into the softener and another washing machine style tap (the return from the water softener). The best valves have a quarter turn […]

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Replace Flushing Unit

At some time throughout its life and use, the chances are that the toilet will refuse to flush. You think that it will last a very long time, but you can bet that the one time you want it to flush it wont, no matter how many times you try. Below is some guidance to […]

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Radiator Issues

Radiator Cold at the Top:There may be air trapped inside the radiator. If o this will mean that the radiator needs to be bled, so you should open the bleed valve with a bleed key. The valve is on the top corner of the radiator. Finchley Boiler Repairs craftsmen fault find.Radiator Cold in Middle and […]

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